When we talk about coaching, the conversation usually turns towards athletics. Even non-sports fans can typically rattle off the names of the most famous coaches in sports over the last few decades. Why is this? It’s safe to say that the impact of good coaches is far-reaching.

For those involved in sports, especially highly successful athletes, credit is often given to their coaches. For instance, Stephen Curry (NBA Basketball Player) recently said, “To excel at the highest level, or any level really, you need to believe in yourself, and hands down, one the biggest contributors to self-confidence has been private coaching.” It’s clear that coaches help others get better.

Coaching: An exercise in kindness and integrity

Although we don’t often consider other types of coaches, there are individuals that specialize in business coaching, personal coaching, life coaching, etc. These professionals are enormously valuable as well. We certainly believe this, and we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with a life coach named Dr. Terry Smith. He founded an organization called Coaching: Life Matters. Dr. Smith has been helping our team get better in a variety of ways.

What exactly is a life coach? What do they do? According to Dr. Smith’s website, “Coaching: Life Matters exists to provide life coaching to people who desire to learn how to live authentically and to those who are looking for practical resources to overcome life’s toughest issues.” Dr. Smith has specifically helped many members of our team, such as senior management, drivers, office personnel, dock workers, etc., obtain a deeper understanding of their own personal stories and how these individual stories impact relationships across the board. One of our team members named Dustin commented recently, “I have always known the relational dynamics we experience as children mold who we become as adults, but some of the fragmented pieces of my story really came together with Dr. Terry’s process. Terry would say that the core beliefs we develop as children become our default frame of mind as adults. This rings true in my life in my work, my relationships, and my personal life.”

Getting better in these ways is important to us. It helps us treat others with a deeper level of respect, dignity, and integrity. Those are some of our core values and beliefs. After all, this is what winning looks like to our team.

If you have an interest in getting better personally or with your team, please check out Coaching: Life Matters.

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