Eighty-eight years ago, Prohibition was ended in the United States thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act. Now, many Americans recognize April 7 as National Beer Day to commemorate this historical amendment.

The Repeal of Prohibition – 1933

Brewing quality beer is no small task. At the simplest level, it requires four ingredients: water, hops, malted barley, and yeast. From there, brewers put in many hours of hard, skilled work to create the flavor and quality that drinkers expect. But, beer’s journey from brew to you is hardly over at the brewery. Once beer has been crafted, it requires special care during storage and transport to avoid spoilage or compromise.

To give you a glimpse into the importance of beer’s storage condition, consider the 3-30-300 rule. In terms of beer spoilage, the following scenarios have the same results:

  • 3 days in the trunk of a hot car
  • 30 days at room temperature
  • 300 days in the refrigerator

Obviously, storing beer in a refrigerated space is crucial to preserve its quality. Additionally, beer (particularly bottled beer) should be kept away from natural light, as UV rays cause the infamous “skunked” beer smell. Our refrigerated Memphis warehouse with LED lighting is the perfect solution for these challenges!

Cold Storage Memphis

At Easley Transportation, we are not experts on brewing beer. However, we know a thing or two about cold storage and temperature-sensitive transportation. So, whether it’s beer, pharmaceuticals, or something else, get in touch to see how we can meet your cold storage needs!

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