Of all the maneuvers that truck drivers must perform, backing a tractor-trailer is one of the most difficult. Although backing only accounts for a small portion of your time behind the wheel, it has the potential to cause serious problems if you aren’t careful. But with the right approach, commercial vehicle operators can safely back their big rigs with confidence.

There are multiple factors to consider when backing a tractor-trailer. In this instructional video, Easley driver Reggie addresses backing issues such as blind-side backing, speed, and being aware of your surroundings.


Ultimately, it’s going to take practice for you to become proficient at backing. However, never become lax or overconfident in your abilities. Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves in an accident if they neglect to do things properly every single time. Safety is a full-time job for CDL drivers, and putting your truck in reverse should prompt you to dial your safety senses up to 11.

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