#KeepTruckin through the Covid Cloud

     There seems to be an ominous darkness sweeping over our country.  We appear to have lost our way as a society and we are stumbling through this cloud of uncertainty trying to find a safe place.  Yes, most of us have had to drastically change our daily routines as we work from home, practice social distancing and adjust to a much slower pace of life.  Baseball seasons have been cancelled.  My seven year old is doing “zoom” calls for school and Instacart is now our primary means of food supply. What will be our way forward?


     Many of our states are now reopening or discussing phased plans for getting back to some kind of normal.  Will we as a country come out of our isolated quarantines as more empowered people with greater kindness and respect for one another or will we continue to succumb to this cloud of fear and darkness?  Our culture has seemed to be on a slow downward spiral as we fight over the haves and the have nots, the left, the right, the religious, non-religious.  Sometimes we seem so hell bent on picking a side that I think we forget about being civil with each other. Maybe we are so impressed with our own opinions that we have forgotten to love one another. Will we establish our country on concepts of selfishness or on higher values, holding each other accountable to a common good? Let’s go against the tide! Let us recognize the value of struggling forward together! Let us establish a common ground on respect and unity rather than respond and repeat divisive speech. Our children are watching. There is a lot of work to be done! Let’s show our children how we can work together to create a brighter future for everyone.


     My heart goes out to the lost, confused and hurting.  People have lost loved ones, been separated and scared. Many have experienced significant economic hardship.  Let’s  really care for our neighbor, co-worker and friend rather than focus on our own problems.  I confess that I struggle to shift my focus away from myself, my struggles and desires, in order to serve those around me.  Maybe this is because I was raised by parents of the “Me generation”?  Oh wow! Now I am creating a generational divide…”Ok boomer”. Has the concept of serving one another and putting others needs ahead of mine become unpopular?  Could we not come out of these dark times as better people?  It is time to make the choice to serve one another with generosity and kindness.  Realize the yearning in your soul for a greater good?  Do you know that there is a light inside of you that can overcome the fear and darkness?  I have seen this light rise on the dawn of a new day and chase away the night.  In Memphis, I have seen white people honor the past struggles of minorities.  I have experienced love, affection and friendship with minority co-workers. We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. Let’s commit to taking a step forward together.  Let’s not wait on someone else to take that first step. As I reflect on my own personal demons and my struggles with fear and anger, I have a challenge to both myself and to America.  Do not let division prevail.  Let us struggle forward together, away from this present darkness and into a bright new day.  #Feartruckthat #KeepTruckin #ForwardTogether

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