Memphis is abuzz this time of the year because May is only a day away. It’s not because of the May flowers that are beginning to bloom, nor is it because Summer is right around the corner. Those of you that live in and around the area know that Memphis in May is one of the most entertaining events in Memphis for the entire year. For those of you who don’t live in the Memphis area, Memphis in May is a culmination of multiple events in the city. One of the most popular of these events (and probably our favorite) is the Beale Street Music Festival.

Beale Street Music Festival gathers artists from all over the world to host performances over the first weekend in May, making this weekend one of the most exciting weekends of the year in the birthplace of Rock ‘N Roll. But in the midst of all of this excitement, we don’t really think about what it takes to get all of the stages, lights, instruments, and speakers to these events. When you step back and think about it, it’s pretty crazy that all of this equipment is delivered across the country, set up like a small town, taken down, and shipped back home all for an event that takes place over a short 72 hours. From a logistics standpoint, this major feat is really only possible by utilizing Local Warehouse Services and Local Cartage Services. Easley is able to provide extra value to those participating in this event and others like it by combining these services into one package – a one stop shop.

Because of Easley’s central location, our Memphis Warehousing Services have allowed shippers to store some pretty awesome stuff for Beale Street Music Festival over the past few years. We typically store things like instruments, stage equipment, and sound systems in our warehouse, while fighting the urge to hold a concert of our very own (just kidding, our gift is logistics, not music). We then get to deliver the equipment to the event location just a couple days before the event, and we sometimes even get to help set up! I bet you didn’t know that Easley doubles as a road crew for famous musicians… Who knew that artists love alpacas too?

So this weekend when you are listening to Khalid, The Killers, and Cardi B perform at Beale Street Music Festival, just remember that Trucking and Logistics is required to make music.


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