Road Warriors: More than a truck driver

Every day, 3.5 million Americans wake up in the early hours of the morning ready for work. However, these men and women don’t clock in at an office. They don’t spend their day looking at a computer screen, and they certainly don’t kill time at the water cooler. Rather, they spend their hours on the road, transporting the goods that we so often take for granted. You call them truck drivers. We call them Road Warriors. 

Warriors are tough, brave, and enduring. You won’t find a trucker lacking in these qualitiesTruck driving is hard work and oftentimes dangerous. According to CNBC, truck driving is the sixth most dangerous job in America. In the transportation industry, getting the job done safety is just as important as getting it done. 

COVID-19 has highlighted the sheer necessity of Road Warriors. While working from home became the new status quo for many of us, truck drivers bore the risk and continued to deliver cargo across the country. Without them, PPE such as masks and face shields would have never made it to hospitals and medical facilities. Few essential workers have such a large impact on the preservation of daily life.  

Rain or shine, Road Warriors do their part every single day so that the rest of us can enjoy easy access to countless goods and services. The clothes on your back, the food you eat, the technology you rely on – all of these things are at our disposal thanks to the hard work of truck drivers. 

Trucking is one of the most service-oriented careers a person could choose. Unfortunately, drivers rarely receive the recognition they deserve. At Easley, we are aiming to change that. Join us this week -and every week- in showing gratitude to the Road Warriors who keep America moving. Take a look at the infographic below to see five ways truckers improve your daily life.  

5 Ways Truckers Make Your Everyday Life Better

5 ways truckers make your daily life better


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