A linehaul, as we’ve previously established, is the long-distance transport of a shipment between two cities. In this context, linehauls are moved via truck and often involve air freight. If you’re not familiar with linehaul services, check out this post to learn the basics. 

If you have a firm understanding of what a linehaul is and how it works, you may still be wondering why you should choose this service line over anotherAfter all, there are plenty of other options out there, some of which can achieve the same end-goal. But, for several reasons, we believe that air freight linehauls have multiple advantages over other transportation services.

Most frequently, linehaul services are employed by freight forwarders. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider implementing linehaul routes into your supply chain. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of linehauls when compared to traditional LTL trucking.  

Pros and Cons


  • Faster  
  • Later Pick-up  
  • Earlier Delivery  
  • Higher Level of Service  


  • Higher Price  
  • Mixed Freight & The Risk of Damages 

As you can see, there are a lot of positive things to be said about linehauls. When time is of the essence, a linehaul is a surefire way to get the job done right. Plus, because most linehaul routes take place overnight, later pick-up times and earlier deliveries are often an option. Most of all, linehauls come with a level of service that is rarely achieved in ordinary LTL trucking. Between convenience, speed, and real-time shipment tracking, linehauls certainly pack a punch.  

That’s not all to say that air freight linehauls services don’t have any weaknesses. First, and most notably, is the higher price point. Linehaul services will generally cost more than LTL services. However, when one considers the competitive advantage of linehauls over LTL, the price is actually rather competitive. Because linehaul service providers are mostly moving trucks with mixed freight, there is the slight risk of damaged freight as well.   

Ultimately, your decision will come down to this: what value do you want? Choosing a traditional LTL service might come at a lower price, but it will also come with a lower level of service. Linehaul services may cost a bit more, but the payoff comes in the form of speed, flexibility, and a smooth experience. 

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