As is the case with many holidays, Thanksgiving comes along with road trips and busy highwaysAccording to The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, long-distance travel in the U.S. increases by 54% in the days surrounding Thanksgiving. And, with this uptick in road travel comes in increase in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, the National Safety Council projects upwards of 480 auto-related fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday period this year. 

The good news? We’re going to do our best to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to safely and confidently travel this holiday season. Some of the most devastating accidents are those involving passenger cars and tractor trailers. And, a great deal of these crashes involves blind spots. This brief video covers the basics of truckers’ blind spots and some practical advice on how you can avoid them. 

For quick reference, view this visual representation of a truck’s blind spots. Note that blind spots may vary in size and position depending on the type of truck. As a best practice, remember Chris’ advice and “do not hang out by a big rig.”


From your friends at Easley, Happy Thanksgiving! For more resources concerning travel safety, visit the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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