A lot of services offered in the shipping industry have evolved alongside the purchasing preferences of businesses and individuals. Important aspects like visibility and communication have become more efficient, and that is what customers seem to want in an “On-Demand Economy.”

However, much of the LTL shipping characteristics have stayed in the past, which tends to cause headaches for shippers. Some of these specific headaches include delayed PODs, unpredictable shipping windows, poor communication and visibility, etc.

Our team of creative experts have thought long and hard about this problem (for a little over two years, actually) and some of our brainstorming has led to a little-known R&D project that is taking its first steps. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Divco.

What is Divco?

Divco is the solution to LTL problems previously mentioned. Put simply, Divco is the Uber for small freight shipping (1-4 skids). It is essentially a driver sharing service that pairs shippers with a fleet of independent cargo/sprinter van contractors.. The whole process takes place online, and it’s incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

The best part is that it can all be done from your computer or mobile phone. You simply go to the Divco website, enter your load details, get an instantaneous quote, and all that’s left for you to do is either accept or decline the quote. Once you accept, the nearest available driver will be notified and will pick up your freight within 2-4 hours.

Right now, Divco is localized to Memphis, TN and Atlanta, GA but is planning to scale into Chicago and other areas in the near future.

Why Use Divco?

One of the biggest ways that Divco solves the LTL problem is because of the complete visibility and transparency that it provides its clients. With real-time GPS tracking equipped on the website, you will always know where your freight is at any given moment, and when that freight will arrive at its destination. On top of that, it provides an automated, instantaneous POD that is sent directly to you as soon as that freight is delivered. Divco takes the guesswork out of LTL shipping.

A summary of benefits include:

  • On-Demand driver force that is always ready when you need them
  • Instantaneous quotes
  • A fleet of vetted independent contractors
  • 100% visibility on where your freight is during the entire process
  • Instantaneous POD and photos of the freight
  • Automated billing process

We are excited about this new solution. We hope that you’ll consider Divco for your shipping needs. To learn more, please visit Divco’s website, or reach out to Wesley Bauer at wesley@divcodelivery.com.

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