At Easley, we like to refer to our drivers as Road Warriors. And as a transportation and logistics company, commercial drivers are the lifeblood of our daily operations. We strive to deliver a high level of service to our customers, and it wouldn’t be possible without exceptional truck drivers. Here are 6 characteristics of a true Easley Road Warrior:


Truckers aren’t just moving freight from point A to point B – they are the eyes and ears of America’s roadways. When natural disasters like Hurricane Laura strike, truck drivers are among those who respond with emergency supplies. Additionally, commercial drivers play a tremendous role in the fight against human trafficking, which regularly exploits transportation networks. If protecting others is part of who you are, then you’re a natural-born Road Warrior!

Problem Solver

If you’ve been a commercial driver for any amount of time, then you know that it entails a lot more than just sitting behind the wheel. From pre-trip inspections to traffic emergencies, Road Warriors are always observing their surroundings. And when problems arise, it’s often up to truckers to be independent thinkers and determine a solution.

Difference Maker

If trucks completely stopped moving, grocery store shelves would be empty in just 3 days. Whether they realize it or not, truck drivers are among the most essential workers in the world. Without them, our way of living would come to a screeching halt.


As a company, we pride ourselves in our ability to manage and transport customers’ freight with consistency and excellence. But, reliability always starts with our drivers. Getting the job done is one thing. Getting it done right and in a timely manner is a sure sign of a true Road Warrior.

Lifelong Learner

Every truck driver’s career begins with training. But, a Road Warrior’s tenure should be full of continued learning and self-discipline. Let’s face it – mistakes happen. A good driver learns from those mistakes. A great driver learns from others’ mistakes as well as their own. Road Warriors are committed to maintaining an ongoing understanding of their equipment as well as evolving laws and regulations on the road.


Safety should always be a driver’s top priority. When a trucker focuses on being safe, many of the traits we’ve discussed naturally begin to fall into place. Ultimately, when a trucker commits himself or herself to safety, they are demonstrating how much they care about others.

Safety First

There’s no shortage of positive characteristics that we can associate with truck drivers. These six, however, highlight some of the essential attributes that we love to see in our employees. Do these characteristics describe you?

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