By: Kevin Wilkins, CEO

Alpacas look a lot like their close cousin, the llama, but in reality alpacas and llamas are very different animals. Easley Transportation might look like a trucking company with a warehouse, but just like the alpaca, we are a very different transportation company compared to most of our competitors. Let me take the next few minutes and help you understand what makes alpacas so special and Easley so unique, too.

Alpacas are generally about half the size of llamas, and Easley is definitely not the largest transportation company in Memphis. But, who says bigger is always better? There are always those people who will try to convince you that size is most important, but being a shorter man who loves to play sports, I have always thought that my size has given me an advantage against my competition. Easley might not be the largest player in town, but we have a unique ability to out-perform some of the larger players.

Alpacas have a very different disposition than llamas. Llamas are independent and can be a bit abrasive, but alpacas are more of a herd animal that works better with others and in a group. Easley is customer-focused and solution-oriented. Collaboration with our customers is key for us. It’s the way we can offer highly customized transportation solutions. In our industry, this is not the norm. Many companies, especially the larger companies, are very rigid and make their customers follow their rules. That’s “llama-ish,” and that’s not us.

Alpacas and llamas appear to have a similar coat of fleece, but actually, alpacas produce more fleece in much greater variety than llamas. Easley may look like any other trucking company, but we offer a much greater variety of services. For instance, we offer heavy cross-dock, refrigerated storage and transportation, dedicated drivers/equipment, linehauls to/from Atlanta and Chicago, etc. Click here for a complete list of services.

Some customers and shippers need just an LTL or FTL carrier, and we understand that. Having said that, if you have complexity in your supply chain and want real answers from an asset-based solutions provider, please give us a call today. #alpacathatforyou

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