Air freight linehaul services have become a staple in the transportation industry Every night, truckers across the country drive linehaul routes so we can enjoy the convenience of expedited shipping and next day delivery. But what is an air freight linehaul, and how does it work? 

In essence, a linehaul is the long-distance movement of a shipment between two cities. Generally speaking, a linehaul involves a tractor-trailer driving an overnight route between two major cities. As to how it works, there are the 3 easy steps: pick-up, long distance drive, and delivery. Watch this brief video for a simple example of a linehaul from Memphis to Atlanta: 

As the video alludes to, linehauls frequently involve international freight – be it air freight or ocean freight. Accordingly, cities with international airports, such as Memphis and Atlanta, are ideal hubs for air freight linehaul services because of their rapid access to international cargo.  

Our network of linehaul routes is well suited to expand your company’s supply chain. Take a look at our service area map to see how Easley can meet your linehaul needs.   


Easley Linehaul Routes

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