Trucking is often high intensity, sporadic, and time-sensitive in nature. This is especially true in the spot market where owner-operators and hotshot truckers are constantly on the go moving freight. However, not all trucking jobs are the same. In fact, one of the most steady or predictable trucking jobs is Dedicated Trucking.


Set Hours, Routes, and Rates

Dedicated Trucking is as challenging as other trucking jobs, but are some important differences. One of the main differences between these two types of trucking is that Dedicated Trucking is predetermined by contract, sometimes for years’ worth of work. Because of this main difference, you can be certain of the hours that you’ll need to work, exactly what work you will be doing on a daily basis, the routes you’ll drive, and the rates that you will be paid. If you are the type of driver that enjoys consistency and being home every night, then dedicated trucking is a great pick.


Working for a Company

Another difference between dedicated trucking and hotshot trucking is that with dedicated work, you will most likely be employed at a logistics company. This is not always the case, but many owner-operators opt for the higher pay rate for hotshot runs, and the customer usually prefers to contract dedicated work with companies that have a big fleet. If you are the entrepreneurial type, then hotshot trucking may be more your speed than dedicated trucking. Just like the consistency of the job itself though, being employed by a company as a dedicated truck driver provides stronger job security. For those that like security, this is a great pick.


Customer Facing

One of the most important factors about dedicated trucking is that the driver is always customer-facing. This means that the driver will often be dispatched from, clock in at, and make deliveries at the customer’s location. Many dedicated truck drivers at Easley rarely come to our location aside from maintenance work or safety meetings. This is a very important factor to include because the customer may not have any other personal contact with the company you work for other than yourself. The way that you drive, the way you communicate, and your professionalism are all going to be some of the most important impressions that the customer will get from your company. This is why it takes the safest, most hardworking, and well-rounded truckers to do this job.

This is just some of what it takes to be a dedicated truck driver, and we’re sure you can see just how important this job is. If you like consistency, security, and the responsibility of being the face of a company, then dedicated trucking just might be the best fit for you! Check out our careers page to learn more about this type of trucking and follow the instructions there if you’re interested in seeing firsthand how important this job is.



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