2018 Intermodal Definitions and Accessorials:

Container Notification

Notifications must be sent to Easley via email to [email protected]. We require at least 2 days prior notice in order to guarantee we will pull by the last free day-unless other arrangements are made and agreed in writing.

Chassis Rental
All drayage moves are subject to a per day rental fee billed to the customer unless there is a standing contract between the steamship line and the shipper regarding chassis use.

Triaxle Chassis Rental
Any 20′ container exceeding 37,000 lbs of cargo weight requires that a triaxle chassis be used. The customer will be responsible to pay our triaxle rental fee.

Chassis Splits
Chassis splits occur when a chassis must be picked up or returned to a different location from where the container is picked up or returned. This fee may apply up to two times per drayage move.

All shipments are given a standard 1 hour of free time for live-loading and live-unloading at the shipper/consignee and the rail/terminal. Once free time expires, detention will be billed per hour in 30 minute increments.

Pre-pulls apply when we pick up a container from the rail/terminal without delivering directly to the consignee in order to accommodate for a later delivery.

A bobtail fee applies when an empty is not available for return during a drop/hook move, thus the driver must return to the terminal with no container, only to retrieve the empty container at a later time. This fee also applies if the driver must bobtail to the consignee to retrieve the empty at the customer’s request.

If a loaded or empty container is requested to be held on Easley’s yard, a per day storage fee will be billed to the customer.

Per Diem
We will make every effort possible to terminate empties within 48 hours of notification of empty (excluding weekends). Easley will not assume liability for per diem charges due to any issues outside of our control. Any per diem charges beyond Easley’s control will be billed to the customer with a 10% advance fee.

Easley will make every effort possible to pick up containers by the last free day to avoid demurrage fees. Easley will not assume liability for any demurrage charges due to issues outside of Easley’s control. For issues outside of Easley’s control, demurrage will be billed to the customer with a 10% advance fee.

A dry-run fee applies when Easley is unable to pick up or deliver a container due to an issue outside of Easley’s fault, and the driver has completed over 50% of the transit.

Overweight Containers
Easley will not assume liability for any charges due to overweight loads undisclosed by the customer prior to Easley picking up the load. Any such charges will be passed on to the customer.

Accessorial Schedule
Service Rates
Chassis Rental $35/day
Triaxle Chassis Rental $75/day (3 day MIN)
Chassis Splits $75 + FSC per split
Detention $75/hr after 1 free hr at rail

$75/hr after 1 free hr at loading/unloading

Pre-pull $125 + FSC
Bobtail 50% of total dray charge
Storage $40/day after 2 free days
Dry Run 100% of total dray charge
Overweight $125 + cost of permits
Hazmat $125 per shipment
Scale Tickets $50 per scale