At Easley Transportation, we are guided by five core values: Responsibility, Integrity, Intensity, Safety, and Excellence. In our last post, we took a deeper look at Responsibility and explored how we take ownership of the freight we move and the choices we make. Now, let’s examine the principle of Integrity and how it pertains to the relationships we make with our customers.

We will act with consistency in our character, with honesty and fairness, establishing long-term relationships built on trust and performance.

Consistency, Fairness, & Honesty

Getting results is one thing. Consistently getting long-term results for our clients the right way is something else entirely.

From the smallest local delivery to the heaviest truckload, we strive for the same standard. We service a diverse customer base, ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. No matter where you fall on this scale, you can rest assured that you are receiving our highest level of service.

Honesty is an integral aspect of integrity. And when it comes to our communication with customers, the truth supersedes all else. Sometimes, this involves putting pride and reputation aside and owning up to a mistake. That being said, we are passionate about operating with excellence so that we never have to be ashamed to tell the truth.

Integrity also means that we operate the same way when a customer is on the dock as we do when no one’s looking. As C.S. Lewis once said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” In order for us to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers, they need to have confidence that we are operating at the highest caliber 100% of the time.

A Proven Track Record

After 38 years of establishing deep-rooted relationships in Memphis, Atlanta, and beyond, Easley Transportation is trusted by numerous customers. No matter how complex the problem, we are confident in our ability to engineer a nimble solution that is custom-tailored to your specific needs.

"Easley has been a great and reliable partner, especially during tough projects." -Rodrigo | Kuehne + Nagel

Responsibility, Integrity, Intensity, Safety, and Excellence are the chief ideologies on which Easley Transportation stands. Whether we are doing local pick-ups and deliveries, running nightly linehauls between cities, or moving pallets in the warehouse, we hold ourselves to these standards.

Are you ready to have your expectations exceeded? If so, get a quote online or talk to one of our logistics engineers at 901-362-5152.

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