For a transportation company, safety should be more than a topic covered in meetings. It’s more than a catchphrase, and it’s certainly more than a trendy hashtag. It’s a mindset.

Safety holds an incredibly important place among our company’s core values. And while we do hold safety meetings and emphasize #safetyfirst, it goes much deeper. We genuinely strive to put safety at the forefront of every decision we make.

We will ensure the safety of our people, our customers, and the communities that we serve.

Partnering with an unsafe trucking company opens you up to a world of problems and complexities. If your logistics providers take safety issues lightly, you face the likelihood of mishandled shipments, damaged freight, and unhappy customers. At Easley, we help our customers avoid these nightmarish scenarios with practical safety measures that have tangible results.

Though there are many facets of safety, three truly capture its importance as it pertains to our company: priority, proactivity, and accountability.


Our company is rooted in the idea of moving customers’ freight with speed and diligence. In fact, Easley’s mission includes placing the right people in the right place to ensure that customers’ time-critical shipments arrive at the right time. But what happens when timely delivery and safety are at odds with one another?

The answer is always Safety First. In a recent safety meeting with our Memphis drivers, CEO Kevin Wilkins said,

“Even if you guys don’t realize it, you’re moving life-saving freight – things like medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. But, if the weather or anything else compromises your ability to be 100% safe, pull over. Delivering a load of defibrillators a few hours late is much better than causing an accident that could have been avoided. Just pull over to a safe place and wait it out. The safety of those around you is in your hands.”


By nature, safety is proactive. Not only are we prepared to handle safety issues as they arise – we take great measures to prevent them from happening altogether.

Pre-trip inspections are one example of proactive trucking safety. Before every route, our truck drivers are required to diligently check their equipment to ensure that they will be safe on the road. This enables us to correct safety concerns before they become a threat.

We also proactively pursue safety with ongoing employee training. At least once a month, our drivers sit with upper management and discuss safety. This includes dissecting past incidents, reviewing procedures, and celebrating safety success stories. We believe that doing so facilitates a continuous internal conversation about safety.


To ensure that all members of the Easley team are complying with our safety protocols, we have in place multiple forms of accountability. At the most basic level, this involves alcohol and drug screenings for drivers. Further, our trucks are equipped with real-time GPS tracking, which makes us aware if a driver is speeding, violating traffic regulations, or otherwise being unsafe.

Fortunately, our truck drivers are exceptional and these instances are rare. In fact, we regularly recognize “Safety Superstars” for going above and beyond to demonstrate practical safety on the job.

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Final Thoughts

Safety holds a unique position among our core values in that it supersedes all others as the situation requires. Protecting our employees, customers, and fellow civilians is a commitment that we are bent on keeping, no matter how difficult it may be.

Do you need a trucking company that will safely move your freight? Get in touch with our team today. If you’re a truck driver who wants to be a part of our safety-oriented company, click here to learn more.

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