The transportation industry in the Southeast is energetic and volatile, much like the Incredible Hulk. Problems like delays and miscommunication unfold for our customers every day, and it can quickly become overwhelming. To match this chaotic energy, we lean on our core value of Intensity. However, unlike Bruce Banner’s raging counterpart, our power is controlled and calculated.

We will focus our energy on proactively solving our customers’ transportation problems.

To understand the role of Easley’s intensity, it’s first key to determine what it is not.

Intensity is not recklessness. Untamed energy would contradict our commitments to safety and responsibility, two of our other core values. Intensity is also not chaotic, which would work against our customers’ needs for clear communication and organization. So, what do we really mean when we claim intensity as a core value?


First, Intensity involves maximizing our productivity. Without compromising on safety or quality, we aim to operate as efficiently as possible. This doesn’t just save us time – it saves you, the customer, time as well. Our efficiency results in your advantage.

One way that we employ efficiency is with our linehaul drop & hook operation. Because we have terminals in Memphis and Atlanta, our drivers meet halfway each night to trade trailers and turn around. This results in a more efficient operation that saves valuable time for the customer and our drivers.


Another way we live out intensity is through excitement. Creating transportation solutions is our specialty, and we are genuinely excited at any opportunity to serve our customers. Whether it’s on the phone, in person, or over an email, we hope to convey a passionate spirit for meeting your needs.

“At Easley, you are surrounded by energetic coworkers who want you to become the best version of yourself. My favorite part about working here is the people I work with, and helping our customers create a path for growth.” 

-Lucius Jordan IV | Sales & Business Development at Easley

The excitement at Easley flows through all departments and positions. Truck drivers and accountants alike, we are thrilled to create solutions for our customers’ transportation needs.


We are intensely focused on being accurate. At best, misplaced energy has no effect. Realistically, it has catastrophic results. So, we take great care to fine-tune our intensity and to focus on the task at hand.

Accuracy is just as important as speed in logistics. Receiving your freight on time is no good if it’s the wrong freight, or if parts of the shipment have been lost. But, with the proper balance of vigor and discipline, we are able to deliver precise results in a timely manner.

We think that approaching the transportation industry without intensity would be foolish – in Memphis and Atlanta, no doubt! However, bringing the wrong kind of intensity can be equally disastrous. At Easley, we have a focused intensity that exhibits efficiency, excitement, and accuracy, which sets our customers up for success.

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