Truck driving is a tough career, especially if you aren’t with the right company. Whether you drive over-the-road or specialize in local pickup and delivery, you know the hard work and dedication that is required of you. With so many different types of trucking career opportunities, you may find yourself wondering if you are at the right company. Or, perhaps you’re questioning if you’re in a role that’s best suited for you. Lay your curiosity to rest – here’s a quick look at three considerations that can help you think through whether or not you are at the right trucking company.

Home Time

How often do you want to be home? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?

We know a lot of OTR drivers who love the open road. And, we know others who are ready to trade in the miles for more meals at home.

At Easley, we see many drivers being drawn towards local driving positions because of the time that it allows them to spend with friends and family. Plus, local drivers (who are home daily) often have more consistent schedules, which makes it easier to make plans and attend events, like your kid’s baseball game.

Conversely, if you want to travel the country and see new places, then OTR trucking might be just for you. Neither option is right or wrong – it’s just a matter of determining which one aligns with your individual circumstances. Take a look at your current driving situation and ask yourself, “Is this job allowing me to spend the amount of time at home that I need to?” If the answer is, “No,” then maybe it’s time to consider making an adjustment.

Company Culture

Does your employer’s company culture line up with your values?

This is less about the type of driving position you have and more about the company that you work for. Every trucking company, whether it has two employees or two thousand, has a unique culture. And for better or worse, you’re a part of it. Are you at an organization where you can take pride in the company culture?

A quick way to get a feeling for a potential employer’s company culture is to research their core values. Most companies will have several values, or principles, that they strive to uphold. Easley Transportation’s core values consist of Responsibility, Integrity, Intensity, Safety, and Excellence. Additionally, you can listen to what current employees are saying about the company. Try following a company on social media to get a feel for its tone and personality.


“This is a great place to work. I have all the hours I need, the management are trained professionals who know how to get the job done while satisfying the customer needs.”



If you as an individual feel strongly about an issue -take safety, for example- then it begs to reason that you belong at a trucking company that actively pursues safety. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself constantly frustrated and in situations that compromise your values. Also consider things like schedule flexibility, workplace conduct, and time off. Is going to church on Sunday an important part of your lifestyle? Do you have certain expectations for how people should behave in the workplace? You want to be sure that you work for a company where your convictions and principles are honored.

Health & Wellness Goals

Are you happy with your personal health and wellness? Does your current trucking job enable you to achieve your fitness goals?

It’s no secret that truck drivers have a dicey record when it comes to health and wellness. According to the CDC, long-haul truckers are at significant risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and lack of exercise. These conditions then lead into injuries and time away from work, which means money left on the table. By no means does this mean that you are doomed, however! Plenty of drivers have set their mind to living healthy lifestyles and successfully done so.

truck driver running on a treadmill

Photo by William Choquette | Pexels

One of the biggest steps to reaching your health goals is to work for an employer that sees you as a person, not a number. Further, consider the type of trucking job that you have. It’s worth noting that local and city drivers make stops more frequently than their over-the-road counterparts. This means more opportunities to stand up, walk around, and get your blood flowing. Additionally, local drivers may find it more feasible to eat a healthy diet.

Whether you are a cross-country trucker or a city delivery driver, it’s within your power to achieve your health and fitness goals. Is your current trucking job empowering your fitness, or is it holding you back?


Hopefully, these three considerations have helped you to think through your current position as a truck driver. Home time, company culture, and personal health are just a few of the factors that determine the quality of a truck driving job. Are you where you’re meant to be, or is it time to make a transition?

At Easley Transportation, we are currently hiring CDL-A and CDL-B drivers in Memphis, TN, and Atlanta, GA. Visit our careers page to learn more about our company drivers, or apply in minutes.

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